İntereaktif Proje / Interactive Project, Help me improve

Bu kare çekildiği gecenin ruhuna uyuyor, ve fakat bu fotoğrafçı bu kareyi tekrar çekmek istiyor (evsahibine duyurulur ve davet beklenir!).
Aslında bu bir interaktif proje olsun, ne eklemek, ne çıkarmak isterdiniz; önerin beraber çekelim. Ben buraya bir gece kıyafeti eklemek, sigarayı mutlaka muhafaza etmek, lalelerin aynısını bulup biraz daha ortaya yaklaştırmak, belki ikinci bir modelle denemek, kesinlikle dondurmayı ortadan kaldırmak ve biraz ilave ışıkla, biraz hiç takviyesiz çekmek istiyorum. Tıklayın sipariş verin!

Ok, this shot reflects that particular night’s mood, but this photographer wants to play with it again and shoot at the same place with some arrangement . Help me improve/recreate it with your suggestions. I want a nightdress for my model, keep the tulips but have them closer to the model, maybe have a second model. Let me know what you’d like to see!

  1. Daniels Diary said:

    Maybe place her head in front of the lamp, so her head makes a black silhouette. Just to top it off make her blow smoke LOTS of it so much it surrounds her head. I think that would look cool. It should be B/W as well.

    • Thanks for the time you spend to write, Daniel.
      I can try something like that, too. Maybe one of the models can sit on the table and have a cigarette looking right to the other model on the sofa. But it changes for me the whole idea. I wanted to partly cover model’s face and wanted her to sit on that nice sofa.

  2. I like the way her face is covered! A strong contrast pattern on her dress (black and white or black and gray, but definitely pattern!) would brake the grays. Sofa is great, and the position of tulips as well, you could have her SLIGHTLY leanning in the opposite direction of the tulips, giving dynimcs to the whole composition. It is what I would do on an etching..:)

    • Patterns for the dress, noted. I will try different point of view to keep the face covered but give space where she is turned. Maria, thanks, I like your work, so it’s important to hear from you.

  3. nynist said:

    Remove the icecream casing or replace it with one of the ‘sahans’ we have if you want to have some stuff on the table. Get a retro ashtray (can be any form of murano ones) and maybe a simple litte dress on the model. Buyrun bu arada, la mia casa è la tua casa 🙂

    • Icecream won’t be there for shure. The photographer is against Murano, but wants to have the knife on the table again.
      Ok, that was a tricky way to get invited, but it worked!

  4. bildet er fantastisk, jeg liker som det er, kanskje mangler et lite bilde på din venstre side, men det er fantastisk. gratulerer.

    the picture is fantastic, I like as it is, perhaps lacking a little picture on your left side, but it is fantastic. congratulations.

    • Thanks, Angel. I was hoping to hear from you. I agree, maybe it’s a moments matter and I will fail to improve it, but I will try.

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