Çekiyorum, koyuyorum; dinliyorum, koyuyorum; yazmamaya çalışıyorum…

Aksini belirtmediğim sürece, blogda kullandığım, -web ve müzik kategorilerinin görselleri hariç- bütün fotoğraflar benim tarafımdan çekilmiştir. Kaynak belirterek paylaşılabilir, haber verirseniz ben de bakarım! Hak iddia etmeden zevk paylaşımı serbesttir. Aynı şekilde, paylaştığım bütün harici malzemelerin asıl kaynaklarına ulaşabilirsiniz.

Bana bu blog linklerinden veya bu bloğa özel muratkazdal@yahoo.com, twitter.com/muratkazdalWP hesaplarından ulaşabilirsiniz.

—Başka yerde şubemiz yoktur.—

Dünya küçüldü, isimler yetmez oldu; Facebook ve benzerlerinde rastladıklarınız ben değilim…


I shoot, I post; I hear, I post; I try not to write most..

Unless I state otherwise, all the photos shot and used in my blog – except the web and music category visuals- are my own. All can be shared if the source’s stated; if you let me know, I’ll have a look, also! Sharing the pleasure and taste without claiming any rights, is free and not a waste. Likewise, the original source of all the external materials I share can always be accessed.

You can reach me from the links of this blog or from my email specific to this blog muratkazdal@yahoo.com, and from this blog’s Twitter account twitter.com/muratkazdalWP.

-We don’t have any other branches-

It’s a small globe, a name is not always unique, sometimes just another code; I am neither of the people you run into on Facebook and all.

  1. I’m glad I found your site! I’ll be back!

  2. Thank you for visiting and liking my blog today. It’s much appreciated … 🙂

    • Hi Dorothy, I only “like” what I really like. Thanks for coming.

  3. madisoncary said:

    thanks for the “like”! you have some great photography here! i look forward to exploring your site!


    • Thanks, Mark. I’m really enjoying your photography and your view of China.

  4. ROAS said:

    I’ve nominated you for the Sunshine Award and the Genuine Blogger Award.

    • ROAS thanks, I appreciate your support every time with your visits and linking. But I’m not sure about myself, don’t like that “pass to 10” rules of the blog awards. Thanks, I feel like I won “ROAS Award”.

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